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Sister of Echo

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About the Story

A paranormal dark-romance with plenty of gore & mystery and over 100 pages of fighting scenes and epic struggle to survive. If you’re a fan of serious works of literature like Games of Thrones and The Hunger Games then you will want to check out ‘Sister of Echo -the making of a villain’.

 This is the complete novel which was previously published over three books.

 With over 192K words, the novel is one of the largest works ever published and roughly the size of Moby Dick! And with so much mysteries, thrillers & unexpected twists, it will keep you on your toes for days to come.

Trigger Warning: The book depicts sex, rape, violence, heavy amounts of gore, and regular use of profanity. Slavery, abuse, torture, and revenge also serve pivotal roles in the plot. If you have any sensitivities toward such subjects or otherwise take offense to them, proceed with caution.


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